GST Series

When the dependablility of a screw is needed with single phase power

  • Tank Mounted Units
  • Single Phase  5HP & 10HP

The GS Series Air compressor is a single stage, air cooled, oil injected rotary screw air compressor package.  The compressor package includes the rotary screw compressor, main drive motor, air and oil system, filters, oil cooler, cooling fan and controls.  The GS rotary screw compressor is designed for a continuous duty operation.  All units are fully enclosed with a cabinet for a low sound level. The Compact design requires a minimum amount of space with an extremely low noise level for ease of placement in any facility.

 General Technical Information
All Voltages Available
Wye-Delta Start for low power consumption is standard
Air inlet and particle filters are standard
Integrated cooling system
Air and Oil Lines are copper and Stainless steel braided

Separation System
Multi-Stage Ail/Oil Air separator filter system. ASME and CRN approved safety valve, Air/Oil separator reservoir tank with oil level sight glass. Easy oil drain excess.

Air Control
Certified with a CE listed electrical components.

Drive System
Integrated V-Belt system plus easy tension system.

German engineered high efficiency male and female rotor design
Oil injected during compression stage for lubrication and sealing
State of the art air/oil temperature sensor at discharge of compressor.

Plate fin air cooled aluminum oil cooler which is cooled by a dedicated cooling fan.
Oversized cooling capacity allows for simple operation at high ambient temperatures.

Fan is mounted on the cooler to allow operation of compressor with side panels off.

Electric Motor
High efficiency motor meeting NEMA requirements.
Foot/Flange mounted motor frame.
TEFC ((Totally enclosed fan cooled) to protect motor providing longer life.
Special winding Coating for longer life.
IP54 insulated motor

Electric Control
Simple design and construction provides ease of repair for minimum down dime.

Drive System
International standard pulleys are used for ease of maintenance and long life.

Intake Valve
Automatic dual control optimizes the air demands of your compressed air system.

Oil Separation System
High efficiency Air and Oil separation provides less than 3 ppm carryover for clean pure air.

All Filtration and filter media are made of space age technology to handle the atmospheric water, pressure and high temperatures to ensure clean and debris free working capacity.

GS compressors come with a cold rolled steel plated enclosures.  A 250 degree varnish ensures rust resistance for a long life.
High density environmental friendly dampening materials are used to reduce noise levels from compressor.

PLC Electronic Control
Intelligent control system displays fault codes with description for ease of maintenance and short down time.

GS Series

When you need a quiet screw compressor for 100% Duty Cycle

  • All internal components are hard piped- NO CHEAP HYDRAULIC HOSE
  • 62-65 DBA for a QUIET machine